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There's nothing like learning with other people and making new friends so why not join a group? Birdwatching with a fixed group is a more economical way to start birding.

You can choose from a regular outdoor group which offers birdwatching outdoors every Tuesday or, if you're interested in more formal learning, you can join an indoor class. These run each year from September to April and cover many topics to increase your understanding of birds and to improve your birdwatching skills.

Indoor classes are held at Hollybush Conservation Centre, Kirkstall, Leeds.

Make new friends at an indoor class and learn about birds during the dark winter months

Indoor class structure
There is so much you can learn indoors over the winter months and indoor classes are are a great way to utilise the dark, winter evenings. These run in 6-8 week blocks on a designated evening from 7-9pm. You will learn a lot about birds, in a more structured way than on the outdoor trips, and you'll also meet new like-minded people. Topics include:
  • bird identification
  • how to use your binoculars and fieldguide effectively
  • where to watch birds
  • how to find particular species
  • fieldcraft
  • how to attract more birds into your garden
  • migration and weather
  • how to identify birds by their songs and calls
  • the aims and objectives of bird organisations
  • how you can help and the skills you'll need.
Further classes take the subject to another level. Once the clocks change in the spring, my indoor groups begin birdwatching outdoors around local nature areas in Leeds. This gives the group the chance to put their learning into practise on their designated day. In July and August, I offer longer, discounted, trips to new habitats once our woodland birds become inactive.

Many groups become such good friends that they want to continue year on year. I'm currently running a year 4 class and one of my groups is celebrating their 10th year together. Advanced groups set their own pattern and frequency of classes and their own subject matter.

Outdoor group classes
If you'd rather sign up for a regular daytime class then I have spaces on my Tuesday morning session. Classes vary between 2 and 4 hours to give us the chance to watch birds in different habitats. Pay up front for 6 -8 units (2 hours is 1 unit) and choose from a weekly programme of venues. Just pay more if you want to come every week. Sessions run from 9-11 a.m or 9am-1pm. (starting slightly later in mid-winter). Refreshments are available at the end of every session and you will get a list of the birds seen plus photos wherever possible.

Join a regular outdoor class on a week day and visit local nature areas in Leeds
Other classes/trips are available on Saturdays and Sundays and, from the spring, on weekday evenings (see the 'outdoor events' page).

Bespoke groups
If you'd like to start a birdwatching class with your own group of friends, then give me a call. I like to work with small groups of up to 8 people.

Create  your own group in the comfort of your own home and lean with your friends and family

Call Linda on 07778 768719 or email for a programme of events.

Find out more about classes, gift vouchers, holiday advice and wildlife garden advice at 

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